Bapak Abdul


“I learned a lot of good information from the courses at ilmuGo. Knowing many new features that previously I’m not aware of. With the time and price fee, I’m satisfied.”

Build bank

Bapak Ario

Business Manager

“ Overall sudah baik, saya mendapat ilmu untuk fitur MS Office dan Windows 10 yang sebelumnya belum pernah saya coba. Good job and thanks. ”


Ibu Dewi Fatimah

Assistant Coordinator

“ Very good. I can further expand my knowledge of Basic Microsoft Office. Thank you. ”


Bapak Renovan

ZENE & Tech-savvy millennial trainer

“ Overall is good. Keep up the good work.”

MRT Jakarta

Bapak Chair Amin

Kepala Department Operasi

“Excellent. ”


Bapak Herjuna

Brand Manager

“ Very practical and useful information. Lots of new learning for the everyday programs that I use for my daily work. Very well done. ”

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