ilmuGo is the exclusive authorized
market representative in Indonesia of the state-of-the-art maritime
Lifeboat & FRC / FRB Simulators.


We help coxswains train and practice in real weather conditions and for real emergencies, safely. We are Virtual Marine. We deliver high fidelity simulation and training solutions improving the safety of personnel and assets; changing the face of maritime safety.

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Lifeboat Simulators: QuestTM lifeboat simulators, from Desktop, Chair-Mounted, Part-Task and Full Mission configurations. Includes hook trainers and related optional add-ons such as VR-PLI and Winch Control simulators (see below). Includes motion and non-motion based systems with and without immersion cabins. Includes both instructor-led and instructorless configurations.

Liferaft Simulator: Liferaft simulator including hardware elements, software and CBT modules.

Fast Rescue Boat & Fast Rescue Craft Simulator: QuestTM fast rescue boat / fast rescue craft simulators, from Desktop to Full Mission configurations.  Includes both instructor-led and instructorless configurations.

Desktop Bridge Simulators: QuestTM Desktop bridge simulators including small to large vessel simulation, barge and other utility craft simulation.

Full Mission Bridge Simulation: Including stimulation of real OEM Integrated Bridge Navigation Systems (IBNS), especially for but not limited to naval and coast guard applications.

Ice Management Simulators: QuestTM ice management simulators, from Desktop to Full Mission configurations.

Navigation Buoy Model Sets: Scale models of common international navigation buoys equipped with circuit boards, onboard power and lighting patterns unique to each buoy type.  Used for educational / training purposes.

SART & EPIRB Model Sets: Scale models of SART and EPIRB devices, equipped with onboard circuits, power and key device features.  Used for educational / training purposes.

Helo-Ditching Simulators: QuestTM helo-ditching simulators, ranging from chair-mounted to full mission on 6-DOF motion bases.

VHF Radio Simulator: VHF Radio simulator.

Virtual Reality Pre-Launch Inspection (PLI) Simulator: Including davit-launch, freefall and FRB/FRC applications.

Winch Control Simulator: Including VR-based winch operations simulator for FRB/FRC applications.

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