We provide customized 3-D virtual experiences for your events, product launches, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, showrooms to bring a global audience together in the Metaverse.

Imagine if…

• Events and experiences had no boundaries.
• Your audience could be anywhere.
• You could design your own exhibition.
• Space and time weren’t important.
• You could analyze your visitors’ every step.
• You create something memorable and immersive.
• You create maximum engagement.

The Solution :

A simple, all-in-one platform.
• A place to bring your audiences together – anywhere, anytime.
• A source of capturing data and statistics to gain insight to your audiences’ behaviors.
• An online experience bringing the virtual to life without limits or boundaries.

Your Events and Exhibitions for :

• Organizers
• Exhibitors
• Attendees
• Brands
• Venues
• Speakers
• Sponsors
• Businesses
• and more…

The event solution is all in 3D. Creating journeys where users can navigate freely anywhere in 3D virtual spaces, chat and network, explore, immerse and interact.

3D Experience: Real-time 3D (RT3D), Virtual Environment (VE) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences are available online across desktops and tablets.
Content managed: Proprietary content management allowing the platform licensees to independently and easily configure and manage content and assets.
Interactivity: Users can freely walk around and explore the 3D spaces, navigate, interact, explore, chat, schedule meetings, click on objects, virtually communicate via audio/video/text with other visitors, colleagues, and the space organizers.  
Communications: Native communications functionality allows users to communicate in real time with other users in their virtual world.
Reporting: The analytics solution allows organizations to track user behavior and develop hyper personalized engagement strategies
SAS solution: The solution is designed as a managed service solution paving the way for subscription based, personalized virtual spaces. 

Email and contact us at info@ilmugo.com

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