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ilmuGo is an approved LPK (Lembaga Pelatihan Kerja) – No. Vin. 2011 317 401 – accredited by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.


ilmuGo is an approved TUK (Competency Test Center) – No. Reg. TUK-294-185 – accredited by LSP Computer – BNSP (National Professional Certification Body).


ilmuGo is registered as an Authorized Partner of Microsoft.


ilmuGo is accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group, the UK’s continuing professional development organization (UK).


Build your career by training at ilmuGo.

Participants will receive an e-certificate after completing the online training course.

Certificates can be directly downloaded in pdf format.

About ilmuGo?

ilmuGo provides e-Learning courses, simulator training and customized virtual events in the Metaverse.


ilmuGo is a training company to help individuals and employees learn job skills by providing e-Learning courses focused in technical skills, soft skills and workplace skills. We aim to solve the pain point for learners in pursuit of growth who are looking to advance their careers. Every training course completed with ilmuGo comes with a certificate of completion. Our goal is to make learning effective and simple. Our training courses are delivered by a team of qualified and experienced trainers, who are passionate, dedicated and committed to delivering real customer and business benefits. We aim to provide the best customer service for our clients as well as lifelong learning for our training participants. Using the latest technology, we provide ready made training courses, simulator training and customized courses to suit your needs through our solutions.


We also provide customized 3-D virtual experiences for events, product launches, conferences or seminars to bring a global audience together in the Metaverse.


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